So, why not creating the Balearic Dynamics as well? THE SIMPLIFICATION PROCESS I frequently see that many makers, creators, inventors, hobbyists and so on approach electronic engineering in a very simple and less efficient way. What the market offers is a great number of DIY projects that in fact have very few chances to be used in the real world. In brief, the approach is bottom-top. When things become more complex they fail, just because omitting apparently useless components makes things simple but not in the correct sense. On the contrary, developing some complex architecture, some circuits parts can be shared among many projects. That is, our Arduino compatible kits: tools we already use as part of our projects now transformed in independent open-hardware modules for the customers. This is also why - following the Open Source and Creative Commons philosophy - these projects are sold at a very reasonable price, full documented and explained. I appreciate very much the opportunity to publish the entire project of every product on the popular on-line magazine and, of course, on the main site " /> Balearic Dynamics Store on Tindie