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Building a store is easy. Building a community is hard. We are building a community to support innovation.

First and foremost we are a community dedicated to helping innovative, small businesses.


Secure transactions and the best customer service possible ensure a safe environment.


Products and sellers are reviewed to ensure the highest quality possible.


Emile Petrone is the Founder of Tindie. On April 7th, 2012 he left a post on 'Would you support an Arduino marketplace or am I totally off base?' He officially launched Tindie in June 2012. Before Tindie he was an engineer at SimpleGeo (acquired by Urban Airship), worked in sales at Yelp and Red Beacon (acquired by Home Depot).
Julia Grace is Head of Engineering at Tindie where she built the engineering team and still writes Python (and the occasional JavaScript) every day. In her prior lives she was CTO of a 500 Startups company, Product Manager at a mid-stage startup, and Research Engineer in one of the world's top User Experience Research groups, at IBM Almaden Research. She holds a BS and MS in Computer Science with a focus on distributed systems. She spends her "free time" half-marathon running, hacking on her collection/army of Arduinos and sits on the board of the Computer History Museum.
Chris Lambacher is an engineer extraordinaire at Tindie. When he's not doing full stack development he's teaching his young daughter about scope in JavaScript. He lives in sunny, warm Toronto, Canada where he grows his own vegetables, makes his own wine and answers questions on StackOverflow.
Marc Sibson is an engineer extraordinaire at Tindie. He is often called Mr. DevOps and loves building awesome tools that help the Tindie team work more efficiently. He enjoys running (both for fitness and chasing his young son, to whom he has already started reading distributed systems papers).

Awesome Team
Even Jezdez loves us!
Massimo Banzi, creator of Arduino
Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium web testing framework and Tapster
Eben Upton, creator of Raspberry Pi
Kids love us to